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Short story

Some time ago, the crew from ModDB, SUPERHOT Team and organized a competition called #MAKEITSUPERHOT

As I am a big fan of SUPERHOT, I decided to take part in the competition and prepare a copy of SUPERHOT, but in 8-bit. My goal was to reproduce the mechanics of the game and the whole feeling as faithfully as possible.

Kamil “Uzjel” Wdowczyk – Creator

In total, I spent about 100 hours creating this mini-game. There are 3 stages from the original game and one stage of the endless mode. The biggest challenge was to recreate the original feel of playing. To do this, I spent an additional several dozen hours playing SUPERHOT, while learning to use the game mechanic perfectly and ripping graphics.

SUPERHOT 8bit is exactly how it sounds: the original Superhot reimagined in 2D, top-down and 8-bit.

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